Zuhair Siddiqui

Zuhair Siddiqui SSGCMr. Zuhair Siddiqui is the managing director of SSGC. A highly experienced professional, Zuhair Siddiqui who was previously DMD (Corporate Services) has been one of the key members of the SSGC’s top management since 2001 when he joined the Company as GM (IT). As DMD (CS) he was in charge of Management Services, Customer Services and IT Department. Before taking over as DMD (CS) in 2011, Mr. Siddiqui had prolific stints as SGM (Management Services) and SGM (Customer Services) in charge of various key departments including Customer Relations, IT, Services and Corporate Communications. As GM (IT), Mr. Siddiqui gave the Department a new technology vision and leadership for implementing IT initiatives that helped SSGC become one of the most IT-enabled organizations in Pakistan. Before joining SSGC, Mr. Siddiqui held a senior position in Management Information Systems at Civil Aviation Authority.

An M. S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Oregon State University, USA and B.E. (Electronic Engineering) from the University of Karachi, Mr. Siddiqui started his illustrious career as Trainee Engineer in Hewlett Packard, USA and went on to work in a number of technology companies there.

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