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Nehal Hashmi PML NNehal Hashmi is a well known lawyer in Pakistan. He is also a politician and  Member Central Working Committee PML-N in Karachi.

In February 2012, Nawaz Sharif, the president of the Pakistan Muslim League(Nawaz), made him the President of the PML-N Karachi Division.

Nehal Hashmi, living in Karachi, is quite active in politics of PML-N and also a prominent leader of the party. He has been seen on many private television talk shows which are transmitted from Karachi.

He was born in 1956. He was very naughty in his childhood and fond of playing, and was moderate in education.

His father was the General Manager of “American Life Insurance Co.” in East Pakistan, and very well-off economically.

He studied at Cadet College. During his school life he had some association with Islami Jamiat-e Talaba in East Pakistan.

In 1971, at the time of partition, he was about 15 years old.

At his teenage he wanted to be a big football athlete in Pakistan team, but gradually things had been changed and then he wanted himself to be in Pakistan Army or be a Lawyer.

Political affiliation being held in his family before freedom. His father, Sadruddin Hashmi, was a politician and the General Secretary of People’s Democratic Party(PDP), in East Pakistan, and indeed, Nehal got inspiration from his father to become a politician.

After the fall of East Pakistan, his family migrated to Karachi. In Karachi, he started studying seriously. He did Intermediate, BA, then LLB. He was the President of the union at college.

Then he attempted MA(regular), MA(private), and CA simultaneously, and succeeded.

He joined PSO as “Assistant Sales Officer”, during his education, and after completing LLB, he left that service and started practicing LAW and had a successful practice.

He also tried to be in army but not succeeded. He worked in social sector, with senator Javed Jabbar, and founded an NGO.

He also developed a Human rights organization, and first ever Computer Institute in Karachi central jail for youths.

He was also the president of all Pakistan youth league.

In 1993 he joined PML(N) as a worker, after got inspired by Nawaz Sharif, and also knowing the fact that this is the party which  has the credit of making Pakistan, and had people from all the provinces in Pakistan.

After some time, he was elevated as the Joint secretary, Karachi division in PML-N.

In 1998 , he was nominated by Nawaz Sharif, to represent the human rights conference at United Nations, he was the deputy leader of the delegation. In 1999, he was sent again for the same, as he performed well in his previous visit.

He is one of the three persons, who went two time consecutively, to the United Nations, two of them were Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and Sharif Uddin Pirzada.

He was also nominated as Advisor of the human rights law justice, by Nawaz Sharif.

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  1. Really a marvelous biography in deed. May you live long !

    Sir; I belong to bihar as well as East Pakistan. I would like to meet with you for an important discussion.

    I shall be highly obliged to you if you kind give me some time to see you in Karachi.

    Kind regards,
    Shamim Ahmed.

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