Javed Jabbar

Javed Jabbar whoiswhoinkarachiJaved Jabbar is Chairman and Chief Executive, JJ Media (Pvt.) Ltd., Karachi, Pakistan.  The firm is dedicated to producing distinctive content for diverse media.

A former Senator & Federal Minister of Pakistan, he takes an active interest in diverse fields including international affairs, voluntary work for rural and urban development, the environment, social issues and mass media.

He is associated with conflict resolution and co-operation initiatives between Pakistan and India and in South Asia and is a member of the longest-running (non-media reported) Pakistan-India Track-II process known as the Neemrana Dialogue (since 1992).

As part of his voluntary work, in 2008/2009, he was re-elected (for 2009-2012) as one of the four global Vice Presidents of IUCN – the International Union for Conservation of Nature, headquartered in Switzerland, the world’s largest and oldest environment organization. IUCN is the only environment organization with official observer status at the United Nations. He also served for over 4 years as Chairman of the Pakistan National Committee of IUCN, representing 24 Governmental and non-Governmental organizations of Pakistan.

He has represented Pakistan at UN conferences in New York and in several other countries.  As Personal Representative of Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, he was elected Co-chairman of the Planning Committee for the World Summit on Children, September 1990 at the UN, the first social sector summit in history.

As Minister, he has drafted several progressive laws and policies for development and reform in different fields, including the PEMRA Ordinance 2000-2002 (which he originally drafted for the Caretaker Cabinet in February 1997) that introduced private radio & TV channels to Pakistan in 2002.  He also conducted nation-wide consultations in 2000 for the formulation of the Freedom of Information Ordinance eventually enforced in 2002.



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