Ajmal Dehlvi

Ajmal Dehlvi MQMAn intellectual, journalist and media expert, Mr. Muhammad Ajmal Hussain, commonly known as Ajmal Dehlvi was born in Delhi in pre-partitioned India on 14th August, 1936. He got his early education in Delhi and migrated to Pakistan with his elders on the eve of Independence in 1947.

After having his graduation from Karachi he opted for social service and joined the profession of journalism. He has a deep insight in the problems of the common man and is known for his humanistic approach towards the suffering factions of the human race. He has been in the profession of journalism since 1956 and has served for the most reputed newspapers and periodicals like daily Anjam, Jang, Jasarat and consequently the Daily Amn. He is associated with the daily Amn since May 1972.

Mr. Ajmal Dehlvi was elected unopposed as Senator in March 1997 as a nominee of the Haq Parast Group (MQM). He was a Member of the Senate Standing Committees on Interior and Narcotics Control, Information and Broadcasting and Culture, Sports, Tourism and Women Development.

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    Ajmal mirza is real man behind Ajmal delhvi, Ajmal mirza son arshad mirza married to Ajmal delhvi dauther

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