Ahmed Chinoy

Ahmed ChinoyMr. Ahmed Chinoy is a prominent figure of Karachi. Besides his services to the business community of Karachi for the past 25 years, he has been engaged in serving the Social, Health and Education Sectors and has also been assisting victims of crime for over twenty years. Mr. Chinoy is the President of Kutiyana Memon Anjuman since last 23 years and also the President of All Pakistan Memon Federation since 2008. This is an apex body of 2.5 million people contributing in the field of education, health and social sectors. Mr. Ahmed Chinoy is also engaged in the Education Sector. He has been a member of various educational trusts and societies striving to impart quality education to the upcoming generation to enlighten them with the needs for advancement in the modern era. Commecs Institute of Business Education (CIBE) and Sir Adamjee Institute of Technology are few of them. Mr. Ahmed Chinoy’s services for the health sector particularly with emphasis for providing free and affordable treatment to the masses has been exemplary. His services for Kutiyana Memon Hospital in the capacity of Chairman and Indus Hospital in the capacity of Trustee have been duly applauded. Mr. Ahmed Chinoy has been an active social worker of the business sector, working for an improved business environment. He remained Central Chairman of Pakistan Cloth Merchants’ Association (PCMA) for the year 2000 to 2003. He is a member of various sub committees of Chamber of Commerce & Industry Karachi and Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce & Industry The valuable contribution made to the civic life of Karachi with extreme devotion and zeal brought Mr. Ahmed Chinoy to prominence. He is the member of CPLC since 1991. Later in 2003 he was appointed as Assistant Chief, CPLC-CRC. Mr. Ahmed Chinoy was also conferred with the powers and responsibilities of Justice of Peace for the entire Karachi Division. In acknowledgement of his selfless services for the citizens, the Hon’able Governor Sindh appointed him as Chief of CPLC w.e.f March 01, 2010. His personal involvement with LEAs during anti-kidnapping operations has been exemplary. Mr. Ahmed Chinoy has been instrumental in over 1000 cases that have helped in apprehending the kidnappers. This ultimately led to the recovery of the victims and arrest of the entire gang. He has led from front in most of the cases and was personally present in these field operations risking his life in various encounters. Apart from CPLC’s endeavors in fighting crimes in Karachi-Pakistan, it has been involved in resolving piracy cases of the Somali coast. Mr. Ahmed Chinoy personally negotiated for release of hostages being held by the Somalian pirates. Two piracy cases in which the hostages were safely recovered are M.V. Suez and M.V. Albedo. Last year Mr.Ahmed Chinoy negotiated the successful release of the vessel MV Suez and its 22 crew members whereas this year he is successful in releasing 7 Pakistani crew members of M.V. Albedo originated from the UAE Port Town Jabel Ali and was bound for Kenya. In recognition of his gallantry performance, the President of Pakistan has been pleased to confer him the Civil Awards of ‘Sitara-e-Imtiaz’ on 23rd March, 2007 and ‘Hilal-e-Imtiaz’ on the occasion of Independence Day, 14th August, 2012.



3 thoughts on “Ahmed Chinoy

  1. Zahid Sharfi, on

    Dear Mr. Chinoy,

    You are doing a great job in the present day Karachi wherein you have to deal with all kinds crimes as well as serious terrorism as a result of over 45 years of planned promotion of specific brand of religious extremism out to overtake Mr. Jinnah`s Pakistan.

    Your efforts, time and devotion are really appreciated and applauded.

    Thanks and regards,

    Z. Sharfi.


    Respected Mr. Chinoy

    I would appreciate your untiring efforts to bring peace in Karachi people. I would like to draw your kind attention towards ransom based kidnapping which is on full swing not only in Karachi but also in interior Sindh as well. Especially Money-making through kidnapping for ransom has now become a flourishing business in interior Sindh.

    Kidnapping for ransom has become one of the biggest threats to security of the travelers who are either for interior Sindh or KPK or Punjab.

    Previously Indus Highway and branch roads were considered to be unsafe but now National Highway which is the most important link between Karachi, KPK and Punjab is potentially unsafe and kidnappers are making successful abductions attempts in day light.

    I am also the victim of such attempt happened late in January, 2014. Except the abduct no one can realize the pain, agony, life threat and nervous pressure borne him which sometime may causes nervous breakdown of the victims. It may be a joke for others but in certain cases abduct’s life become a joke.

    Due to these brutal attempts which have now become the routine matter essentially turning Pakistan into another Cambodia or Colombia – nations where kidnappings are endemic, and are tied in to both social and political realities.

    You are requested to please do something in this matter which may save health, wealth and life of many travelers.

  3. Mastan khan on

    sir, you doing a good job and one think i will bring to in your notice in karachi garden area one person there and he is given a hot time there and i don,t know which gang he is related to but His name is Nazir gilgite and he is living in Garden east so pls take action on this person.

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